Superintendents Corner

Pinehills Golf Club is proud to announce that Kevin Bauer has earned the Certified Turf Equipment Manager designation from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. This certification is awarded to those who have demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and proficiency in turf equipment management.  Kevin is 1 of 11 CTEM’s in the world.  

The golf maintenance staff would like to welcome you back for another great season. We are always striving to make Pinehills the best golf courses in the Northeast. There are a few things you, the golfer, can do to help us in that effort and benefit all of us at Pinehills.
-Always fix ball-marks. If you are not sure how to fix a ball-mark, ask someone in the pro shop or a golf maintenance employee. A ball-mark fixed incorrectly is just as bad as a ball-mark left unfixed. If fixed properly, there should not be any remaining blemish in the turf. Another great resource on fixing ball-marks is Youtube where you can find several great videos.
-Always replace divots. The maintenance staff fills divots with seed and soil, but if the golfer replaces them immediately, they have an increased chance of recovering.
-Always rake bunkers. This means footprints in, area you hit from, and footprints out. Also, take the time to make it smooth.
-When parking carts at greens and tees, please leave all 4 tires on the cart path. Many golfers have a tendency to pull 2 tires off the path. This destroys the grass at the edge of the path. We are currently sodding some of these spots as well as using stakes to control the wear.
-Please follow cart signs and stay away from roped off areas.
-Handicap flags are to allow players shorter walks to greens, tees and fairways. Please use caution. Golfers should never pull between a greenside bunker and a green or travel on a steep slope as this can be extremely dangerous.
I know many of you already follow these suggestions. Let’s all work together to make Pinehills the best it can be.

Thanks, Joe Felicetti CGCS